Principles Of


Every LCOY follows certain principles and LCOY Egypt resembles every regional conference in this aspect. The principles of LCOY Egypt include:

Youth development & empowerment
LCOY Egypt is an event powered by YOUNGO. The main goal is to gather the Egyptian youth, educate them on climate change & sustainable development, build their capacities, and leverage their endless ideas.
The organizing teams of LCOY Egypt work on an international level to main consistency across all the conferences. That way we can share experiences and learn from mistakes made on both local and global levels
One of the main goals of LCOY Egypt is sustainability, taking into consideration regional and national circumstances. We aim to educate the youth on sustainable development and why it is important to achieve sustainable communities in the future.
Everyone is welcome to join LCOY Egypt, no matter their color, religion, race, education, or job. We welcome each member, appreciate their contribution, and value all ideas. We encourage everyone to participate and share their opinion on environmental and climate change to save the planet we all live on.
Brainstorming is the first step to finding creative solutions for every problem we face. That's why we encourage young individuals to go creative and experiment with their ideas as part of their learning and training processes.
LCOY Egypt is a community of young individuals working together to achieve one goal; find proper solutions for environmental and climate change. We promote mutual empowerment and boot spirit of cooperation through group discussions and workshops.